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Cum Silentio

Works by P. Anselm Ferrer,
V. Goicoechea i T. L. de Victoria

Formation: choir (16 to 24 singers) and organ

Duration: 60’00’’ without pause

During the early decades of the 20th century, in a context of war, social and political agitation, and infamous dictatorships, numerous voices faded into an eternal hush as the sands of time flowed on. The Benedictine monk Anselm Ferrer (1882 – 1969), one of the most singular musical figures of his time, emerged as an epitome of this musical era. His opus doesn't surpass twenty works, and yet his choral work – primarily composed between 1930 and 1950 – possesses extraordinary richness and personality; a silent counterpoint to an era too tumultuous to listen to.

Cum Silentio resurrects the choral work of the Catalan composer through three musical scenes shared with two of the figures who inspired him the most: on the one hand, V. Goicoechea (1854 – 1916), a representative of the romantic music of his own time. On the other hand, that of the polyphonist T. L. de Victoria (1548 – 1611), a renewed reference for Ferrer and and many of his contemporaries, who, unknowingly, laid the foundations for the subsequent historical recovery movement.

Video designed and directed by Åkerblom Studio


O sacrum convivium

O Sacrum convivium | P. Anselm Ferrer (1882 – 1969) 

O Sacrum convivium a 6 | T. L. de Victoria (1548 – 1611)

De Lamentatione

Lamentació I. Sabbato Sancto | P. Anselm Ferrer

Miserere | V. Goicoechea (1854 – 1916)

Lamentació II. Sabbato Sancto | P. Anselm Ferrer

De Maria Virgine

Salve Regina a 5 | T. L. de Victoria 

Ave Maria | P. Anselm Ferrer


10. 08. 19
Montserrat's FIO

23. 05. 21
Capellades Organ Festival

"Cor Cererols not only succeeds in reviving this music, but also in producing a CD of great spiritual power and musical beauty.

In perfect balance, perfect tempo and with a cultivated but by no means sterile sound, this altogether gentle programme is good for any form of soothing. The acoustics of the recording leave nothing to be desired and round off the singular rank of this CD production."

Remy Franck

Revista Pizzicato, Luxemburg (5/5)

Recording day

Basilica of the monastery of Montserrat

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Digital platforms

Physical purchase

Monasterio de Montserrat, 08199 Montserrat, Barcelona

C/ de l'Escorial, 33, Baixos 1, 08024 Barcelona

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